In Between

«They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself».
Andy Warhol

Irina Bashuk: «In my performances I work with the idea of TIME FLOW. Sometimes I am worried by its play. I cannot understand in which moment of reality I AM. Sometimes I get stuck between thoughts about the past and the future.

Where is this wonderful moment of being "here and now"? What is NOW? When will NOW happen and how can I be fully present in every second of my human being?

To see changes in life we must watch objects or actions. I was thinking about my goals, dreams, and noticed that they are changing, developing or disappearing. At certain moments I feel I can literally touch my thoughts and ideas. And then a few seconds later it turns out they are gone. So for this performance I created an accessory which is transforming and in this way marking the flow of time».

Directing, performance — Irina Bashuk
Audio visual content:
Sound — v4w.enko + sanmi
Generative video — v4w.enko




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