Ukrainian contemporary dance during the war

The human body is a certain “archive” that impressions of each of the events that happen to a human being during its lifetime are stored in. Having this scientifically proven idea as a base, we decided to create a video archive of the works, movement practices, and discussions of Ukrainian choreographers and dancers during the war

Anton Ovchinnikov, the author of the idea of the project “Let the body speak”

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The project aims to:

- offer the Ukrainian choreographers and dancers, who continue working, an online platform for showing and saving their works
- distribute the collected materials and knowledge about the Ukrainian dance community among the national and international audiences
- foreground a set of issues and public discussion around the topic "Contemporary dance art during the war"
- motivate artists to find new tools of expression through physicality

The project is supported by the British Council, as part of the UK/US Season grant program, together with the Ukrainian Institute

Let the Body Speak is


 a digital hub of Ukrainian video dance, posted on the YouTube channel

it is opened on August 1st, 2022 and will work until the Victory of Ukraine


online workshops, lectures, discussions

free for Ukrainian dancers and choreographers, from September 1st to November 30th, 2022 (the number of participants is limited)


a presentation of works created during the educational program 

in January 2023

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OPEN CALL for Ukrainian dance videos

we accept video works: ● from Ukrainian dancers, no matter which country you are currently in● lasting up to 5 minutes ● any format, professional filming is not necessarily required● created after February 24th, 2022

After having filled in the form, we will contact you for coordinating the technical issues of participation in the project. Videos are accepted until the end of the war.

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Digital hub of Ukrainian dance videos created after February 24th, 2022

We provide promotional support for your videos on the YouTube channel in Ukrainian, English, French, German and Polish. 

Film, watch and spread Ukrainian dance with us 

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Educational program "Let the Body Speak"

Educational program "Let the Body Speak" from the choreographers and producers of the dance development center The Place (Great Britain) and the Contemporary Dance Platform (Ukraine). The program includes workshops on dramaturgy, composition, experimental dance, site-specific performance, lectures on project management, participation in residencies and festivals, classes on dance technique and much more.

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May 2-3 in Arts Printing House

The Ukrainian dance platform "Let the body speak" in the framework of the New Baltic Dance Festival is a meeting of choreographers who continue to work in Ukraine or have temporarily left the country. 
During two days, 6 shows and performances, as well as a few formal and informal meetings with European colleagues, will be held at the venues of the festival. 

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Support the project!

You can support the development of the project or the creativity of one of the many artists whose works are posted on our YouTube channel. 
To do this, follow the link 

If you want your help to reach the addressee, please indicate in the comment
“I want to support the project” or “I want to support Name/Surname”

Thank you!

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The project is being created by

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    All-Ukrainian association "Contemporary Dance Platform" was created in 2015 by the professional dance community during the festival of contemporary dance theater "Zelyonka FEST". Creation of the Platform was a result of shared understanding that there was a need for an organization which would:
    - develop networking in the contemporary dance community;
    - assist in creating international projects and establishing contacts with international organizations in the sphere of contemporary dance;
    - promote contemporary dance as a genre of experimental stage art and increase its audience numbers;
    - seek opportunities for financing projects;
    - establish contacts with art institutions in other spheres to create interdisciplinary projects.

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    One of Europe’s most exciting, innovative dance spaces, where artists from all over the world come to push creative boundaries, to experiment and to perform outstanding new work for audiences who expect to be surprised, inspired and delighted. The Place is home to London Contemporary Dance School, a 288 seat theatre, an extensive range of classes, courses and participatory opportunities for adults and young people, and professional development programmes for artists.

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    The UK/Ukraine Season of Culture is giving a voice to Ukrainian creatives and focusing on the changing needs and priorities of the Ukrainian cultural sector.

    The British Council is an international organization for cultural links and educational opportunities.

    The Ukrainian Institute is a state institution under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine


e-mail: moc.liamg%40mroftalp.ecnad.au 

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