International collaborators met in Ukraine to create an entirely original invention for the world

Ukraine has been for a long time the secret support force for many Western IT companies, providing talented programmers. But there is more than serving demands.

ALTstage is truly driven by the local initiative and ambition. ALTstage also showcases how the arts can be a driving force for IT development, rather than only using existing technologies.

ALTstage is proud of its artistic origin, but it is a technology that can be adapted to all areas of life. ALTstage can be used for all kinds of presentations — from corporate to scientific — as well as for sports, music, gaming, etc.

What is special about ALTstage?

ALTstage is a new creative environment

performances that are created in this format are different from theatrical shows and their screen equivalents. ALTstage is not only there to be a more engaging way of streaming conventional performances. ALTstage inspires new multi-layered performances.

ALTstage pushes the performing arts to re-think themselves

the world will never be the same after 2020's pandemic, and we are rising up to the challenge, not just by what we create art about, but also how it can be presented

ALTstage brings the theater closer to new audiences

ALTstage allows for more audience interaction in the viewing process. The audience will immerse more into the performances presented as ALTstage pieces that mix digital and physical realities.

Project stages and timeline:

Autumn 2020

we announced a contest to participate in an experiment for dance, movement, and plastic artists

Since early 2021

we carried out joint research with four artists (the contest winners), who offered their performances for transformation

During February-April 2021

material for ALTstage versions of the performances was shot, processed, and edited

At the same time

The ALTstage application software has been developed

Early July 2021

we presented the study results and the prototype of this technology

August 2021

a platform is in the process of creation that will allow everyone to create presentations in the ALTstage format

What the result will look like

We invite you to the theater and suggest comparing the same performances in two different formats:


in the environment which blends the physical reality of live dancers, audience and the stage with dance in augmented reality


the stage will be the keyboard and the laptop or desktop screen, while dance will happen in digital 2D and 3D realities

The way from the idea to its implementation in the ALTstage project involves stages which have never been combined into one entity

We worked with conventional technologies, like chromakey, as well as with pioneering challenges, for example, with synchronizing parallel content streams of regular and volumetric video on the screen and in augmented reality.

The idea was to bring real dancers rather than computer-animated models into the realm of AR

Heading photo

This is what needed to be done:
Stage І — shooting video in a studio with chromakey (green screen). After processing it we obtained video material in which dancers were separated from the background so that they could be transferred to any other environment.

Stage ІІ
— shooting volumetric video for augmented reality. For this we used an Azure Kinect. It was important for us to have possibilities that it provides with its 12 megapixel video camera and depth indicator. The video camera records a regular 2D image, while an infra-red indicator determines the distance between the camera and each pixel.

Heading photo

When these data are consolidated, the image output is no longer flat: every point, in addition to X and Y coordinates, acquires coordinate Z for depth. Our video has been transformed from 2D into 3D.

Stage ІІІ — creating a software in which AR can be synchronized with the timeline of the video on the laptop screen. The system must integrate two devices: a laptop which plays a 2D video (on the laptop screen or, if available, a video projection) and a smartphone (or tablet) in the viewer's hands creating AR.

For synchronization and positioning we use markers. A marker, as viewed by the smartphone camera, provides the ALTstage app information on where AR objects must be placed and what sizes they should have.

Heading photo

As for synchronization in time — this is innovation by ALTstage developers. The following principle was used: the video player which you see on the laptop screen and the application on your smartphone are connected to a cloud server and simultaneously receive commands to start video and augmented reality. Because of this, dancers on the screen and in front of the screen can interact, you can stop video and AR or decrease the speed of playback in order to have a better look at the dancers' movements.

Stage IV — tuning UX and UI — creating such a mode of interactivity of all elements which allows the smartphone user to disregard the complexity of technology, instead simply enjoying the viewing process of a performance, presentation, educational program or a fashion show.

The Project Team

Contemporary Dance Platform

All-Ukrainian association "Contemporary Dance Platform" was created in 2015 by the professional dance community during the festival of contemporary dance theater "Zelyonka FEST". Creation of the Platform was a result of shared understanding that there was a need for an organization which would:
- develop networking in the contemporary dance community;
- assist in creating international projects and establishing contacts with international organizations in the sphere of contemporary dance;
- promote contemporary dance as a genre of experimental stage art and increase its audience numbers;
- seek opportunities for financing projects;
- establish contacts with art institutions in other spheres to create interdisciplinary projects.


Anton Ovchinnikov

creative producer


Oleksandr Manshylin

project manager

Post Theater

POST THEATER creates multimedia performances and studies integration of analogue and digital media in performing arts of all genres and forms

POST THEATER started in New York, then moved to Berlin and Stuttgart. It conceived and presented over 50 performances and installations in more than 40 cities in 20 countries, mostly in Europe and Asia.

POST THEATER does not rely on successfully proven formulas — instead the company tries to challenge the logic of neo-liberal, marketing-driven world by exploring new methods for each new project. Post Theater's intention is to help developing an utopian spirit not only in art but in society in general.

www.posttheater.com <<


Max Schumacher

author of the idea and creative director, artistic director of Post Theater


Maria Pyatkova

coordinator of choreographers' work with digital technologies

WeAR Studio

WeAR Studio does full cycle development of virtual and augmented reality. WeAR Studio's principal mission is to change the world through VR, AR and MR technologies, so special attention is given to the stages of searching for ideas for business concepts, expert 3D modelling and developing know-how to shorten time of entering the market.

The company has many years of experience in creating programs for retail and e-commerce, marketing and sales, manufacturing and equipment, auto industry, education and staff training, architecture and design, tourism and entertainment, published media and arts, public safety and health care.

WeAR Studio clients include Danone (France), Skoda (Czech Republic), Pepsi, Pet Krewe & H5 (USA), Vintage Production (Ukraine), Protagon (Canada), ALLO (Ukraine), Medicover (Sweden), and many others.

www.wear-studio.com <<


Sviatoslav Kryvoruchko

project manager


Yevhen Fedko

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

"Bagels & Letters"

PR-agency "Bagels & Letters" (Kharkiv) supports social and cultural projects. It provides comprehensive informational support, advertising campaign management, and project logistics.
The agency is well-known primarily through various social and cultural projects, support of volunteer activities, and establishing contacts between different organizations.


Tatyana Landesman


The project is implemented with support




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